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Rent a car or a scooter and explore Zante in 7 days

The whole island of Zakynthos can be visited in 7 days, the local public service does not offer connections to all the beaches, therefore the best solution is to rent a vehicle. We have prepared a program that you can print and take with you. Do not leave the shipwreck beach at the last day, you would risk not seeing it because of the sea conditions.


Day 1:

Delivery of the scooter / car to the airport or to your accommodation within 1 hour of your arrival (if booked online). Visit the nearest beach. In the evening we suggest a walk to Zante town or to the Castle of Boxali.


Day 2:

After booking the excursion to the marine park or renting a boat (for info visit, reach the port of departure and park the vehicle at the port (parking is free). When you get back you can go to Keri Beach, then to Marathia Beach and finally watch the sunset at Faros Keri as mentioned in Day 5, otherwise you can rest at the beach of Kalamaki.


Day 3:

Visit the beaches of Vasilikos (in order, Dafni, S. Nikolas, Banana Beach, Gerakas). This road is full of curves, pay more attention. Argasi, due to the proximity of the port and the city, it is not the cleanist place for swimming. Dafni and Gerakas are part of the marine park, here you will find numerous turtle nests, Banana Beach is the largest and most equipped beach on the island and like San Nikolas Beach offers the opportunity to enjoy numerous watersports.


Day 4:

Visit the shipwreck beach. To get to this beach there are 3 solutions. You can reach with your scooter or car the port of Zakynthos, Vromi port, Alykes or the port of San Nikolas (more information on


Day 5:

Visit the beach of Keri and Marathia and sunset at Faros Keri. These 2 beaches are quite close and it takes only 10 minutes to move around. If you have already been there on day 2, you can return to the beach that you like mostly or visit the hinterland reaching up to Anafonitria from where you can see the shipwreck beach from the top.


Day 6:

Visit Porto Roxa and Porto Limnionas. These 2 beautiful coves characterized by rock and crystalline sea, require more time to arrive, but it is definitely worth to see it.

Day 7:

Visit the north-east area of ​​Zakynthos. Alykes, Xigia, Macri Gialos and the port of San Nikolas.

Day 8:

We will pick up the vehicle at your accommodation or at the airport. Have a safe trip!!!


Where to go for the night, and where are parking spots?

In Zakynthos: in the evening you can park your car or scooter in Zakynthos town and take a walk on the main street where there are many shops, otherwise you can reach the Castle of Boxali from where you can admire the city from the top. If instead you want to dance, you can reach every Tuesday and Friday the disco "Barrage", where there are the most famous party of the island (watch the video

In Laganas: the Laganas road is generally frequented by teenagers between 18 and 21 years. In this area we advise you to pay maximum attention to where to park the vehicle, especially do not park in front of the clubs. The side of the road to park changes from week to week, so ask someone before parking.

Are there parking tolls?

On the whole island of Zakynthos parking is free, except for some private parking lots.

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