Frequent questions

Licenses and rental requirements

What license is needed to rent a scooter / quad / car in Zakynthos?

A valid AM license (or higher) to rent a 50cc scooter.
Driving license A1 (or higher) valid to rent a 125cc scooter .
Valid A2 driving license (or higher) to rent a 200 or 300cc scooter .
A valid driving license B to rent a car .
A valid driving license B to rent a quad .

Driver's age

18 years for scooters.
21 years for cars (or 19 years by paying extra insurance for category A or B cars).
21 years for quad.

Book a vehicle

How to book a vehicle?

To request a vehicle it is necessary to fill in all the fields of the form in the “Contacts” section. After checking the availability of the vehicle, an email with bank details will be sent to you within 48 hours to pay a deposit of 15% to confirm the vehicle.

Where and how to pay the remainder?

Upon delivery of the vehicle you will have to pay the remainder to the person in charge. Payment can be made in cash (faster solution) or by debit card (we may ask you to come directly to our office in case the terminal does not work).

Is a credit card or security deposit required?

Neither credit card nor security deposit is required.

Vehicle delivery / collection

Where is it possible to deliver or collect the vehicle?

The vehicle can be delivered or picked up at the airport, port of Zakynthos city and in different locations of the island (free service), with the exception of the port of Agios Nikolaos, some hotels in the Vasilikos area and in some inland locations where it is foreseen. an additional cost.

Is it necessary to leave a credit card or security deposit?

Neither credit card nor security deposit is required.

General informations

Are helmets included?

Helmets are included in the price. We remind you that wearing helmets while using quads or scooters is mandatory in Greece.


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